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Got a grooming question? See what Jocelyn has to say about her client's frequently asked questions.

The health, safety and comfort of all of the pets in our care is of primary importance to us. We have established our grooming policies, selected the equipment we use, and trained our staff with those requirements in mind.

How long will it take to groom my dog?
The length of time it takes to groom is determined by breed, coat type and condition, behavior and special needs (if any) and the extent of brushing, trimming and clipping your pet requires. Usually your pet will be with us 3-4 hours. We will call when your pet is done.

How will my dog spend his time while with you?
Dogs and cats are kenneled while waiting for procedures and when waiting for you to retrieve them.  We have our "break" room, a quiet room conducive to napping and/or resting. Your pet will be bathed and dried hands on, damp dry while crated, and spend as much time as necessary on the "table" for finishing.

What if I don't want my dog to stay all day?
Your dog does not need to stay all day, but there will be times when it does happen.  There are several reasons that factor in – type of coat, behavior and difficulty of haircut. We do our best to fit into your schedule for the day.  When you schedule your appointment, discuss your wishes and desired time of pick up.  We do offer an Expedited Groom at an additional charge, usually within a two-hour time period.

How often should my dog or cat be groomed?
I suggest every 4-6 weeks.  Pets with special needs (i.e. skin issues, long coat, double coat or particular style of haircut) should be groomed more often.  Your vet may give you a schedule and special shampoo requiring a more frequent bathing schedule, which we will accommodate.

Will my dog be walked while with you?
Absolutely.  We want our furry patrons to be comfortable during their day with us.  For those who require more than a midday relief, we will make special arrangements with you for expedient grooming and pick up in those instances.

Will my dog be playing or socializing with other dogs while in your care?
Rarely.  When dogs are socializing freely, a trained eye is necessary to distract disputes and encourage positive behavior. Your dog will not be placed in a situation where that supervision is less than optimal.  There are dogs that develop a special bond while in our care, and exceptions are carefully considered.

Why does my dogs hair matt so easily?
Much like humans, dogs require daily brushing to encourage healthy blood flow and stimulation of essential oils to the skin and coat.  Long coats require brushing AND combing to prevent tangles and mattes.  Your particular dogs coat has its own needs.  Be it baby-fine or puppy-fuzzy, thick and wavy or long and styled, all coats need regular attention.

Why is it important to have my dogs nails trimmed so frequently?
Not only for the obvious reduction of scratches on your legs and floors, the structure of your dog is affected when nails are left long and unattended.  The nail will begin to lean, or curl, making mobility difficult, straining the leg, the shoulder/hips and eventually creating back issues.  Because we are passionate about proper nail care, if you are a groom client, a nail trim between grooming is offered at a $5 charge.

Do you tranquilize dogs?
No.  However, if a pet requires some sort of sedation, a note must accompany it from the treating veterinarian, describing the behavior necessitating the medication and history of behavior when medicated. There are no exceptions.

My dog has a history of biting. How do you manage that?
Often a nippy pet is merely exercising their need to bully or be contrary.  EVERY pet is given the opportunity to understand we are not the enemy or to be feared.  More often than sheer aggressiveness, the issue is fear and/or insecurity.  If your pet requires the extra attention and behavior training to foster confidence and trust, we will discuss the methods we employ and the added cost attached. Continuing to groom your fearful pet without the proper training exacerbates the dangerous behavior and trauma the pet feels.

May I stay while my pet is being groomed?
In most cases, yes.  There is a special release form for accidents you will need to consider if you will be leaving the reception area to remain close to your pet.  If your presence negates the successful and proper grooming of your pet, we will ask you to wait in the reception area.  It’s just "too cool" to have mom or dad within touch-me range for some pets, which makes working with your pet and sharp grooming tools simply not a good match. An additional fee of $10 will apply.

How can I manage my dogs coat between groomings?
A personalized list and example of the proper tools for your pet’s coat and needs will be provided at your request, as well as proper usage.

Why is bathing my dog regularly so important?
A clean dog is a healthier, happier dog.  Regular bathing promotes healthy skin and coat, may uncover health issues you may not notice (i.e. skin abnormalities, lumps and changes in coat, indicating a medical problem) and keeps your beloved pet free of parasites and organisms, as well as skin infections brought on by lack of proper bathing.

Are vaccines required?
Puppy vaccines for Rabies and Distemper/Parvo, as well as the 16-month boosters are required.

The last groomer shaved my dog!
If shaving your dog is NOT what you want, but the coat dictates shaving be the most humane outcome for your pets needs, we will discuss this BEFORE you leave your pet with us for grooming.  You will always have the option of not leaving your pet with us for grooming.

I hear cage drying is dangerous and may overheat my pet.
We've all read the horror stories printed in the newspaper about beloved pets "cooked" by cage drying at the local groom shop.  This catastrophe will be avoided by proper training, appropriate equipment and professional conduct and monitoring while your pet is in our care.  We tub dry with a high velocity dryer, and complete the process by cage drying for a few minutes when warranted. NONE of our dryers contain a heating element.

What shampoos do you use?
We use proven pet-quality shampoos, rinses and conditioners formulated for the PH of dog and cat skin and coat.

What is the advantage of you bathing my dog rather than me at home?
Great question!  Some of you will certainly be doing a good job with at home bathing of your pet.  If you have warm water available, and a coat you are able to dry completely, then we absolutely encourage you to maintain your pets bathing routine at home.  A few breeds require more attention than a simple bath and dry.  Proper brushing, ear cleaning and plucking, and nail care is essential.  If your pet requires their anal sacs to be expressed, please ask your vet to show you the process, and what problems to be on the lookout for BEFORE expression.  Improper expression may cause damage or eruption to the anal sacs, so please learn how before attempting.

How much will it cost to groom my dog or cat?
Grooming costs vary depending on your pet’s breed, coat condition, behavior and the level of difficulty of the haircut.  There could be additional charges for poor coat condition (tangles and matting, excessively dirty), behavior that makes the pet difficult to groom and the removal of parasites and insects. All services include plucking ears, if required, cleaning the ears and trimming the nails. We encourage you to phone us, as each dog regardless of its breed or mix, is not a cookie cutout of another.  We will quote you a range and be more exact at the time you arrive and your pet is evaluated along with your grooming wishes.

What type of payment do you accept?
Checks and Cash

What breeds of dogs will you groom?
Any and all. In today’s dog world, the spectrum of breeds is extraordinary.  From tiny to tremendous!

Do you groom cats?
Yes.  From nail trims to haircuts to bathing and brushing, cat grooming is considered on an "al la carte" basis, and the well being of your cat is our main concern.  Cats tend to be more emotional, easily stressed and should we observe these behaviors beyond the norm, we will limit what we attempt and give you a call.

Do I need an appointment?
All pets requiring a haircut or a bath and brush that require some trimming will need a scheduled appointment. Most shorthaired breeds such as Jack Russell's, Labrador Retrievers, Great Danes, etc. are welcome at almost any time we are open, as well as nail trims.

Do you groom geriatric, special needs or disabled pets?
Yes. As long as your veterinarian has no problem, we will be happy to take care of your pets needs.

Do you offer appointment reminders and maintenance programs?
Yes. We offer standing appointments and courtesy call options as part of our goal to help you with your goal of maintaining your pet's skin and coat.

May I bring my dog when she is in season?
We recommend you wait until all outward signs of discharge are gone.  This will enable us to present you with a clean, happy dog!

Do you give medications?
Yes, we do and you are welcome to bring a lunch or snack for your dog if you like.

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